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General FAQs

  1. How can I contact you?
    You can call us at 713-787-6277, fax us at 713-467-7251 or email us or fill out the Request Information Form.

  2. Do you have a privacy policy?
    Yes, we consider it a privilege to do business with you. We do not share or sell any contact information. You may opt out of future contact by contacting us at 713-787-6277 or emailing us at Info@Mapstyles.com.

  3. What are your hours?
    Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We are available 24/7 via the internet.

  4. Can you gift wrap or enclose a card?
    We are happy to wrap and/or enclose a gift card. Just let us know the occasion and we will send it out for you.

  5. Can I just photocopy your map?
    No, our maps are copyrighted. An individual or company cannot reproduce copyrighted maps, without permission of the copyright owner. If you are interested in receiving a copyright release, send us an email.

Map FAQs

  1. What products do you sell?
    Our most popular map is our Pocket Map, which is a folded, paper map with inserts of a city?s most popular destinations. Another favorite is our Graphic Map, which is a laminated trifold that is durable and handy for traveling or getting around town. We also sell a laminated, flat Pocket Map. They are a great tool when used in conjunction with the Pocket Map to help a show visitors and clients around town or where you are located. Their durable material make them great for a desk or counter top.

  2. What cities do you have maps for?
    We have maps in stock for Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Kingwood and Texas.

    We have published custom maps for clients across the country including: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, Columbus, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Tallahassee, Tampa, Jacksonville and Raleigh just to name a few. Call us to put you and your company on the map.

  3. How can I become a merchant?
    For more information on becoming a merchant please fill out the Request Information Form or give us a call at 713-787-6277. Come discover why our products are the maps people like to use.

  4. How can I order maps?
    Maps can be ordered here at our website, by sending us an email, filling out the Request Information Form, faxing over the Faxable Order Form to 713-467-7251 or giving us a call at 713-787-6277. You will find the same quick service no matter how you decide to order maps.

  5. What forms of payment do you accept?
    Graphic Maps accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. You may also send a check. Your order will be shipped once your check has cleared.

  6. Do you offer quantity discounts?
    Yes, we do offer quantity discounts.

    Quantity Price per Map
    1 $3.95
    10 $3.55
    25 $3.15
    50 $2.70
    100 $2.35
    250 $2.00

    NOTE: Houston Pocket Map Discounts are:
    Quantity Price per Map
    1 $4.95
    10 $4.55
    25 $4.15
    50 $3.70
    100 $3.35
    250 $3.00

    Call for prices on 500 or more.

  7. What are your shipping fees?

    Maps Shipping
    1-5 $3.50 (USPS)
    5-10 $5.00 (USPS/FedEx Ground)
    11-25 $6.50 (FedEx Ground)
    26-50 $8.00 (FedEx Ground)
    51-100 $9.50 (FedEx Ground)
    101-200 $12.50 (Fed Ex)
    201-250 $15.00 (Fed Ex)

    For other options or higher quantities, please contact us. Prices are subject to change.

  8. What if I need my maps overnight?
    Give us a call at 713-787-6277, we can get your order together and give you a quote on shipping.

  9. When will my order ship?
    Orders are traditionally filled the day we receive them. If your order is received late in the day, on the weekend or on a holiday, it will be filled on the next work day.

  10. Can I ship using my UPS/FedEx account?
    Give us a call at 713-787-6277, we?ll be happy to get that set up for you.

  11. How do I have a custom map made?
    We would love the opportunity to develop a Custom Map Program for your company. The best way to do this is to call us at 713-787-6277, email us or fill out the Request Information Form. Once we made contact and found out your company?s needs, we will begin the process of developing the perfect program for your company.

  12. Is there a way to just personalize the cover of your standard map?
    Yes, we have a Personalized Map Program. We design a personalized label for you, which includes your company logo and contact information. The labels are applied to our Pocket Maps and delivered directly to you. The benefits of the Personalized Map Program is that there are no minimums, it?s affordable and it?s a great way to put your contact information right in the hand?s of your clients to be used over and over again.

  13. Do you offer any other products?
    We do custom presentation maps. We have done maps in all sizes, cuts and in all different materials-ranging from color out put to dry erase magnetic maps. Give us a call at 713-787-6277, let us give your mapstyle!

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